Doctor handwriting alphabet

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Doctor handwriting alphabet

Click to enlarge An year-old dyslexic was instructed to read and then copy several printed sentences into script.

The writing drifts significantly from the horizontal. Letters are poorly formed and spaced, as well as inappropriately omitted, inserted, and condensed. Occasionally, letters from successive words are fused or condensed.

Grammatical details such doctor handwriting alphabet crossing t's are intermittently and carelessly omitted. Writing Errors Click to enlarge Graphomotor spelling errors of a bright year-old dyslexic girl.

A neurodynamic analysis of the spelling errors suggests a dysfunction in the visual-motor memory of letter sequences and the use of compensatory phonetic recall. Letters and letter pairs are perseverated, and at times inappropriately fused or condensed.

Moreover, the spelling disorder is complicated by graphomotor incoordination, drifting, and the omission of grammatical details. Interestingly enough, this girl's oral spelling was found to be superior to her graphomotor spelling, suggesting that the motor channel utilized to test spelling may significantly alter the performance.

Spelling Errors Click to enlarge Spelling performance of an 8? Her visual-motor memory for sequential letters is severely deficient. Letters and syllables are omitted or substituted for one another, and guessing or confabulation is determined by randomization plus phonetic cues. Math Errors Click to enlarge The mathematical errors in dyslexia may be of several distinct overlapping types: When asked to write and multiply 2 x 6 and 2 x 5, the 9-year-old mentally condensed the numbers, writing 26 x When asked to write and calculate 5 x 6, he guessed at an answer, and the guess was merely a condensation of the two numbers written.

C The multiplication ability of a year-old dyslexic. The numbers are occasionally poorly formed and the column alignment drifts to the right. Needless to say, graphomotor and spatial incoordination may result in careless errors, despite superior conceptual and memory ability.

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The Dyslexic Syndrome

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doctor handwriting alphabet

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doctor handwriting alphabet

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We’ve all noticed that doctors’ handwriting can be extremely bad, but according to, their bad writing is “a matter of survival”.. .

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