Equine massage

Equine Massage Therapy Schools Some schools provide distance learning certifications, as well as live massage therapy classes in this therapy. There are also a few good massage videos, where you can learn at home.

Equine massage

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Certified as a massage therapist for humans, she expanded her skills and her business to include agility dogs and equines as well. She shares with us how she learned to listen so attentively to horses, how touch can help, and the perks and challenges of being an equine massage therapist.

Equine massage therapist Beverly Peck and her pony Skye. Karen Braschayko for Equitrekking: What is your background with horses? When did you know you wanted to work with horses as part of your career?

I have been around horses all my life, as my grandparents had draft horses for working the farm. My older sister and I would run into the apple orchard and follow the two very large, lumbering equines.

Equine massage

Tommie, the bay mare, would come when we whistled for her. She loved to be curried and touched. She was very clear about the good spots.

Blackie was more aloof.

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The work horses got to go out and be horses with normal herd activity. Many of today's horses are confined and often don't get this group time.

That is why the horses I have are allowed to be out with a herd. My childhood 4-H project was a mare we had bought at auction. She was in bad shape, obese and foundered. She had the awful habit of cow kicking, and she had rolled with a rider.

With proper nutrition, hoof care, training and a kind touch she came around. We even got three foals from her.

Touch was very important to Whinnie, and it helped her recover from all the neglect and abuse. I kept her second foal, and I trained him to ride and drive. Touch is a part of the bond not only of horse to horse but human to horse. I have always wanted to work with horses. Before I even went to massage training inthat was my dream.

My older sister taught me how to ride.

Equine massage

She taught me English riding on a hunter pony that she had purchased. She held that it was important to know how to appropriately fall off of a horse. I learned to tuck and roll. Certainly as I became an adult, it became more automatic.Welcome to Equissage Europe.

Certification Training in Equine Sports and Rehabilitaion Massage Therapy. Equissage Europe is proud to continue to offer high quality Cert ESMT training. New Course dates now available. Equine Massage Therapy Procedures Equine massage therapy was developed to aid horses, akin to the same procedure used to alleviate physical issues in humans.

The typical conditions that the human body develops, are also found in. In this article, I will be discussing my experiences with equine chiropractic, equine massage therapy and equine alternative therapies. I want to begin by stating that I am not a veterinarian, but that I am educated in equine chiropractic techniques.

Rates for the pet services we provide: Canine and Equine Massage, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Pet Taxi. Equine Structural Integration: Myofascial Release Manual is rich in illustrations of Equine Myofascial Release techniques for the: Head, Forelimb, Shoulders, Rear, Scar Tissue, Joints as well as Myofascial heartoftexashop.com book is a needed educational tool for practitioners who provide Myofascial Therapy to horses.

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