Essay on gnh in bhutan

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Essay on gnh in bhutan

Intangible cultures and values under threat 2. Dzongkha national languagean endangered language 2. Handicraft, Indigenous arts and craft 2.

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Essay on gnh in bhutan

Irregularities and Corruption culture becoming popular 3. Other Recommendations References Abstract Culture and development is not only integral but also inevitable for sustainable development.

Cultural value and moral implications of individuals and communities are the foundation of socio-economic development of any nation. Landlocked in the Himalayas, the tiny Himalayan Kingdom, Bhutan appear almost untouched by globalization.

The culture and traditional values in Bhutan is deeply rooted to Buddhism. Behavior, perception and daily routines of people are directly guided by the religion, cultural values and belief. GNH is the middle path of development that embraces a balance between spiritual and material development towards the attainment of happiness by the Bhutanese.

And thus beside economic factors, one should take account of social factors, environmental, cultural, and good governance.

Bhutan: A model for sustainable tourism development

The ultimate goal of development must be happiness and human well-being, but should not be economic development or to be a winner in the global competitions Karma Ura, Every individual no matter what race, creed, colour, origin, nationality the ultimate aspiration of life is happiness.

In addition, the establishment of democracy in the country has led to the review of many policies in all ministries and autonomous institutions so that services are improved and delivered on time.

This main purpose of this paper is to examine the culture and development of Bhutan and will make necessary recommendation addressed to the government on how to foster culture approach in designing development policies based on stock piling.

Introduction and Background Preservation and promotion of culture is said to be vital for the functioning of a harmonious and progressive society. One of the greatest strengths of Bhutan is its unique identity that comes from culture.

For a country like Bhutan, which is small both in size and population, it is important to be different from others. It is culture that makes the Bhutanese distinct from the rest of the world. Thus, it is necessary for Bhutan to promote and preserve its spiritual and cultural values as it is the symbol of Bhutan and being Bhutanese.

Orion Magazine | The Happiness Index

The components of the pillar of preservation and promotion of culture are national identity, religion, language and literature, art and architecture, performing arts, dress, Driglam Namzha righteous behaviortraditional etiquette, textile, sports and recreation.

On the spiritual front many new religious institutions are built, besides the renovation of important old monasteries. The recommendation mentioned below will help Bhutanese policy makers for further enhancement of culture diversity and development. Measures and alternatives that are comfortable to the people should be explored and integrated into wider policies to protect and promote Bhutanese culture.

Culture is a holistic approach that reflects the complete way of life in a society. Culture and tradition are never hurdles to development rather culture provides positive strength for sustainable development.

People should not take culture and tradition as hurdles to development instead take it as strength for sustainable growth and development Dawa, The government should make sound policy and implement accordingly for socio-economic development and cultural diversity.

Specifically, some of the recommendation for diversification and culture development of Bhutan are: It has to do more with inborn talent. The Ballad of Pemi Tshewang Tashi: Lozey may have existed since 12 to 13 centuries back. Lozey is a popular form of entertainment in dzongkha speaking communities of western Bhutan such as Sha, Wang, and Paro.

Happiness? No, Thanks! - The Philosophical Salon

It is also another form of natural entertainment and relieves one from stress and burden of the mind.Bhutan, a country believing deeply in Buddhist spiritual values has created a model of Gross National Happiness (GNH) where it is believed that the holistic evolution of human being can take place with a balance of material as well as non-material aspects of spiritual, cultural, societal and environmental.

The remainder of this report presents the findings of the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Survey, which collected information from across Bhutan on many aspects of Bhutanese people’s lives that relate to wellbeing measurement and analysis.

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Introduction This paper concerns the operationalization of the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

It assumes that GNH is a uniquely Bhutanese approach to development. GNH stands for Gross national Happiness and it a devp apch that seeks to achieve harmonious balance between material well being and the spiritual, emotional and cultural needs of an indl and society.

It is a devp philosophy propounded by the 4th King od Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuk.

Is Bhutan Really the Shangri-La People Think it is?